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Monday, 1 September 2014

सर्दी और जिगर की खराबी के विभिन्न उपचार

Most important foods to fight against the common cold
1. Ginger : Ginger is the best one to fight against common cold. Take Ginger as in the form of Ginger Tea for best results. It helps to reduce the cough and flu.

2. Vitamin C Sources : Foods which are rich in Vitamin C will be beneficial to fight against cold such as Citrus fruits, Potatoes, Strawberrie, pineapples.

3. Fluids : Many people thinks that drinking fluids and water increase the cold when we are suffering from cold but its wrong drink more fluids to keep you from liquefied.

4. Citrus fruits : Citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamina C, Try to take Orange juice, Lemon juice. It gives good result.

5. Hot and Spicy food : Chillis or spicy sauces to help congestion and gives good breathing.

6. Garlic : Garlic contains flavoring agent called alliin which acts as a antioxidant and destroy radicals,oxygen molecules that damages the cells.